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UX Design
UX design is more than just aesthetics

In this article, we discuss why UX designers should be involved in business aspects more.

UX Design
Why content and design teams should work together

There has been an on-going debate with web projects around whether you should provide content first or design first?

Self Development
Your UX portfolio goes on interviews without you

In a world of creatives, talent and competition it is essential to stand out from the crowd.

Self Development
12 tips on the importance of networking as a UX designer

The demand for experienced UX designers has made jobs for junior UX designers even harder than ever before.

UX Design
What is user experience?

No matter what field you work in; marketing, content strategy, data science, design, development etc.

UX Design
Why I like using data to drive design

Data from analytics is not subjective, like other research methods — the data provides 'what' is happening.

Self Development
Why settle for mediocre when you could be a master?

No matter your pre-existing skill level, if you put in the time and effort into the deliberate learning, you will see so

User Experience
3 reasons why you should care about UXD?

UXD is the sweet spot between what people need and what the business wants ⁠— its where the opportunities...

UX Design
3 valuable ways to avoid wasting time chasing bad ideas

Gather the right information so you can walk away from the kickoff meeting and create an effective design solution.

UX Design
How to design a better experience in the absence of content

The fundamental purpose of a website is to execute valuable content to an audience.

Working In Digital
The battle between hiring managers and UX designers

An enormous 82% of Fortune 500 executives don't believe that their companies recruit highly talented people.

UX Design
10 principles that form my user interface design strategy

The user interface is an essential part of any digital product. When the interface is well designed, users don't notice

UX Design
5 key phases to the user experience design process

A user experience design process is an iterative method that helps you continuously improve your designs.

UX Design
How to make your surveys more effective?

User research is a fundamental part of a design sprint, whether you are launching a new product...

UX Design
How to create happy user experiences

Our happiness online in many ways imitates our happiness offline. It’s formed on feelings of freedom and trust.

UX Design
Pros and cons of the top 4 user testing methods

As UX designers we focus profoundly on the end-users and the way they interact with our product, service or app.

UX Design
Every design you make, expect change

As UX designers, we get tasked with creating experiences for an audience that is both memorable and seamless.

UX Design
7 UX principles that will help you create killer content

If you create valuable content, more people will engage with your brand and in return, make you more money.

Self Development
7 principles of deliberate learning

Deliberate learning is a long-term investment in improving yourself and your capabilities — learning efficiently and wor

UX Design
Sell experiences, not just the product.

It is crucial to secure customer satisfaction wherever possible. As a UX designer, you should explore the journey of how

UX Design
Common misconceptions about user experience design

The term ‘user experience’ or UX seems like a buzzword in today’s working life however, it has been around for decades.