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Multi-brand design system and optimisation for world leading travel benefits

Travel Benefits
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DragonPass is the worlds leading travel rewards brand partnering with Fintech giants such as Visa, MasterCard and Investec.

DragonPass is the first all-in-one digital airport platform that offers travellers access to over 1,300+ airport lounges, restaurants, and concierge services. It is the leading platform for travel rewards and is on a mission to reshape the technology, win new markets, and improve its efficiency to design and deliver at scale.

White-label solution for the global app

DragonPass's product team aimed to enhance its design and delivery capacity to fuel optimisation and drive new product development. Its leading benefits platform caters to both B2B and B2C sectors, and it was crucial the team could keep up with the fast-paced business environment. To ensure the client receives a top-tier travel benefits experience, we kickstarted a white-label solution to sustain growth.

"A true talent. If you're considering starting your design system journey, want to optimise your products, or need a strategy surrounding your users, don't look elsewhere. With an eye for detail, the ability to harness and take the team along with her, and never failing to hit a deadline, Becky's delivery capability has no limits. In a saturated market, I have yet to find anyone better or trusted in UX, research, design, and optimisation."

Lynsey A, VP Product

Multi-brand design system for scale

Managing multiple apps with customised builds has resulted in significant rework, extensive testing time, and duplicated efforts across design and product teams. To manage these challenges, I created a multi-brand design system to facilitate the transition to white-label solutions and push to improve efficiency across multiple remote teams.

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