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Evolving their app to reshape how small businesses think about finance.

Capital On Tap
App Optimisation
❉ What they do?

Business credit card with credit limits and rewards to help manage cash flow while getting something back.

Capital on Tap is a Fintech company partnered with over 150,000 businesses growing exponentially. They’re on a mission to champion small and medium businesses by removing barriers to growth.

Championing a 4.9 star app rating

In my role as a Senior product designer at Capital On Tap, I was part of various initiatives, including evolving the design system to support rapid growth and feature integration, optimising customer onboarding, refining the 'people management feature' for better alignment with user needs, integrating live chat support to enrich the customer experience, and maintaining a stellar 4.9-star rating through innovation and user-centric design.

Tracking product design metrics

Throughout our projects, the design team diligently tracked and measured our initiatives' success. This allowed us to communicate our impact to the business and identify areas needing improvement, ensuring our design decisions aligned with organisational goals.

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