2023 • Evri

Large-scale digital rebrand across all customer and courier touch points

Digital Rebrand
❉ What they do?

Evri provides delivery solutions for anyone who wants to send a parcel in the UK and to more than 220 international destinations.

Evri is the UK leading courier business providing cheap and convenient parcel delivery services. They have huge network of over 18,000 couriers and deliver over 700 million packages a year to over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Leading a rapid, strategic transformation

Driven by an acquisition instructing a name change, the project required rapid and strategic execution. As the principal product (UX) designer at Evri, I had a tight 7-month deadline to overhaul all digital touch points. With a dedicated team of 4, we had a big challenge ahead. From audits to a fully functioning design system we brought the new brand to life.

Design system framework

Across the UI, numerous repetitive patterns were being designed and reconstructed. To address this issue, I introduced a design system to foster consistency and empower teams to swiftly mock up new pages. This initiative has significantly streamlined PinkNews's workflow, resulting in substantial savings on staff costs.

"Our success in building a UX function from the ground up, and improving UX maturity within the organisation, is in no small part due to the exceptional contribution she has made to our team. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and manages to stay cool, calm and collected, no matter the size of the challenge you throw her way."

Marius C, Head of UX

Huge cost savings and brand success

My team's collaborative efforts resulted in a successful brand launch and the global adoption of the design system. Our goal was to ensure a consistent customer experience across all digital platforms, including websites, apps, internal systems, and in-store devices. I was so happy with the outstanding results we've achieved.

Rebrand Performance


We only saw a 4% dip for the first 2 weeks

Cost savings


Saved on huge agency fee's

Team efficiency


Across design and development teams

Courier application and management

I collaborated closely with the courier teams to ensure seamless brand integration across all apps, websites, and internal tools. As the face of Evri, it was essential for the couriers to fully embrace and embody the brand, aligning our messaging and values throughout their interactions.

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