2022 • Manchester Airport Group

Scaling a white label solution for the worlds leading airport parking

Manchester Airport Group
SAAS Optimisation
❉ What they do?

MAGO is the airport-centric travel company, defining how airports increase their non-aero revenues.

MAGO embarked on a mission to enhance travel experiences, aiming to make them seamless and enjoyable for passengers worldwide. Renowned for its leading airport parking solutions, Manchester Airport Group sought to distribute these services globally.

Optimising the reservations  funnel

I partnered with MAGO for 6 months to optimise the existing website and pave the way for a successful global SaaS platform. Through a detailed UX audit, user interviews, and a series of A/B tests, we successfully revamped the booking funnel, resulting in an impressive 4.8% increase in sales conversion. The groundwork laid has set the stage for a cutting-edge SaaS platform ready for adoption by airports worldwide.

"In Becky’s optimisation and experimentation work at MAG she was able to turn her strong customer focus into significant commercial impact, through a series of successful A/B tests. (I know the executive team will always remember her for this 🤑)"

Sam S, Head of UX

Growth-driven optimisation

The core objective was to design solutions that not only added tangible business value but also enriched the user experience. By immersing myself in customer needs through thorough data analysis and research, we were able to implement solutions that yielded substantial business success.

Parking reservations


Overall increase in conversion rates

Booking funnel


Increase in users entering the booking funnel

Checkout success


Uplift at checkout due to consolidating steps

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